Dunia Air Tawar

Built since 1992 and inaugurated on 20 April 1994. This aquarium park is the largest and most comprehensive in the world and second largest in Asia. Of freshwater biota park Save 6000 animals of 126 species, are of various kinds, both of the various waters of Indonesia and around the world, including aquatic plants, reptiles, crustaceans, and fish. This aquarium park has a museum, library, auditorium, aquarium archipelago, reptiles corner, hallway carp, and built quarantine room at the rear to accommodate the collection and breeding of the farmers who could be traded to the visitors, the general public, reservoir fish, and exporters. Aquarium park is also an opportunity for the students and the general public to conduct the research and observations related to the development of science and business opportunities of ornamental fish. some special collections that come from freshwater native Indonesiainclude Arowana / Siluk (Scleropages formosus), shark saws (pristis Microdon), Tapah (wallago leerii), chopsticks fish, puffer fish which can swell up like a balloon, and others. in addition, there is also a collection of fascinating species of fish living include Arapaima (Arapaima gigas), piranha (serrasaimus) of the Amazon river in amertika, blind fish, butterfly fish, chinese high fin fish (myxocyprinus asiaticus asiaticus) of the Yangtze River-china, as well as groups of small fish guppy, molly, and platy.


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